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The ultimate portal bedrock for Data-Driven Enterprises

Custom Insights, Infinite Potential

BI Tools can meet your demand only to certain extent. Talking to your database, having user adjusted views, lightning speed user experience, and fully customized branding is here with Sirius

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< 1 sec sync speed

Real time metric tracking is possible with Sirius

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Fully Customized

No technical limitation, no workaround. Whatever your business needs, Sirius does support it.

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Predictive Analytics

Use advanced analytics techniques to foresee the future of your business. Take action faster.

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Security by Design

Our product development roadmap is dictated by the latest security threats and our responses .

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Privacy by Design

Keep your data where you would be compliant with local laws. Our servers are distributed across the globe.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your data with Multi-factor authentication. Ensure that only your organization can access your data

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Advanced Visualizations

Sirius makes it possible to develop less-known but highly effective custom Sankey Diagrams and Network Diagrams

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Maximized User Experience

No lags, no speed issues. Quickly interact with your visuals and take action in seconds.

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Automated Visual Reports

Select which visualization should be communicated with who, set the schedule and voila!

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First Deployment in 2 weeks

Get your customized base module in 2 weeks.

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Unlimited Expansion

Add new modules as you need without worrying about the performance issues.

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Fully Responsive, Use Anywhere

Sirius is born responsive. Whether on a desktop, tablet, mobile, or an ultra wide TV, it is designed with UX in mind.

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