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Ocelot Case Study
At Vizio AI, we partnered with a leading energy trading merchant and asset investor to overcome significant data challenges and drive innovation in the energy sector. By implementing advanced data scraping, analytics, machine learning, and interactive dashboard solutions, we enabled streamlined data access, enhanced real-time decision-making, and automated reporting.
Energy and Professional Services
New York, NY and Austin, TX
The client has data scattered across various sources, including APIs, static files, and Excel spreadsheets. They need a solution to seamlessly integrate and aggregate this diverse data into a single cohesive platform.
The client requires a modern and interactive dashboard that displays high-level widgets representing various aspects of their battery storage assets, such as market prices, state of charge, weather, and dispatch instructions. The dashboard needs to update automatically every few seconds.
The client needs to generate automated reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to keep stakeholders informed and updated on asset performance and market trends.
As the client's business grows and evolves, they anticipate an increase in data volume and complexity. They need a solution that can scale seamlessly to accommodate these changes and remain relevant in the future.
Data Integration and Aggregation
Vizio AI created a custom data integration pipeline that connects to all data sources, extracts relevant information, and harmonizes the data into a unified format. Using ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, we ensured consistency and accuracy in data, enhancing overall reliability.
Real-time Dashboard with Interactive Widgets
Vizio AI crafted a user-friendly, web-based dashboard with advanced data visualization tools and libraries. We implemented real-time data streaming to ensure continuous widget updates. Users can interact with widgets, drilling down into specific data points for deeper insights and analysis.
Automated Reporting
Vizio AI implemented a reporting module in the dashboard, enabling users to schedule and customize reports. These reports are generated automatically and delivered to stakeholders via email or a dedicated portal. They include key performance indicators, market analytics, and asset status summaries for comprehensive insights.
Scalability and Future-Proofing
Vizio AI designed the dashboard and data infrastructure with scalability in mind. We used cloud-based technologies and scalable database solutions to handle increasing data loads. Additionally, we future-proofed the dashboard with modular components, allowing easy upgrades and support for new data sources and features.
Tech Stack
Our technology stack is built on a foundation of industry-leading tools and platforms designed to deliver robust, scalable, and secure solutions. We utilize advanced programming languages, frameworks, and cloud services to ensure high performance and reliability. This comprehensive tech stack enables us to efficiently manage data, automate processes, and provide real-time analytics, ensuring that our clients receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to their specific needs.
Key Outcomes
By implementing a custom data integration pipeline, the project ensures consistent and accurate data from various sources, enabling streamlined access to vital information. The development of a user-friendly, web-based dashboard with interactive widgets allows for real-time data visualization and analytics, leading to quicker, more informed decisions. Additionally, the reporting module and scalability improvements offer long-term value, reduced operational costs, and proactive responses to market fluctuations, collectively driving data-driven strategies and business impact.
Streamlined Data Access
More Informed Decision Making
Time and Effort Savings
Fast & Optimized Performance
Long Term Value
Reduction in Operational Costs
‘’Commitment to Excellence and Dedication’’
Vizio AI has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in data integration, real-time dashboard development, and automated reporting has not only met but exceeded our expectations. With their scalable solutions, we are well-prepared for the future, ensuring our ability to adapt and grow as our business evolves.

Vizio AI's commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing real-time insights have been instrumental in our journey towards data-driven success.
Head Of Commercial Op.
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