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Guina Case Study
At Vizio AI, we partnered with a prominent renewable energy startup to develop a sophisticated dashboard solution to enhance their operational efficiency and showcase their innovative carbon footprint reduction calculations. The client’s product revolutionizes calculating carbon footprints by offering more frequent and accurate measurements, moving from daily to hourly and even five-minute intervals. The client needed a robust platform to display these precise data points to their leads.
Renewable Energy
Vancouver, Canada
Accurate Data Representation: The primary challenge was to display the frequent and precise carbon footprint calculations accurately. The client needed a dashboard to handle the transition from daily to more granular intervals without data loss or misrepresentation.
Domain Knowledge Gap: At the project's outset, our team lacked domain-specific knowledge, making it challenging to proceed without frequently consulting the client for details.
Custom Visualization Requirements: The client required custom plots and charts for data visualization, necessitating building bespoke solutions as no off-the-shelf options met their specific needs.
API Integration: Although the client had an existing API to provide data, integrating it seamlessly into the dashboard while ensuring real-time updates and accuracy posed a technical challenge.
High-Frequency Data Display
We designed a dashboard capable of displaying carbon footprint data at hourly and five-minute intervals. The solution involved integrating the existing API and ensuring the dashboard could handle high-frequency data inputs.
Collaborative Development Approach
To address the domain knowledge gap, we adopted a highly collaborative approach, working closely with the client to understand their requirements and iterate rapidly on feedback.
Custom Plots and Charts
Our development team created custom visualizations tailored to the client’s needs. This involved extensive use of Dash and Docker to build interactive and filterable data charts.
Seamless API Integration
Utilizing technologies like Docker and Flask, we ensured the API was effectively integrated, providing real-time data updates on the dashboard.
Tech Stack
Our technology stack is built on a foundation of industry-leading tools and platforms designed to deliver robust, scalable, and secure solutions. We utilize advanced programming languages, frameworks, and cloud services to ensure high performance and reliability. This comprehensive tech stack enables us to efficiently manage data, automate processes, and provide real-time analytics, ensuring our clients receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to their needs. (Dash, Docker, Figma)
Key Outcomes
By implementing a sophisticated and custom-built dashboard, we significantly enhanced our client’s ability to present their innovative carbon footprint calculations. This solution not only showcased their technological advancements but also facilitated better engagement with their leads. The improved data accuracy and visualization led to increased client satisfaction and operational efficiency, enabling it to position itself more effectively in the renewable energy market.
Enhanced Data Accuracy
improvement in data accuracy through the implementation of a high-frequency data display system.
Operational Efficiency
boost in operational efficiency with streamlined API integration and custom visualizations.
Client Engagement
increase in client engagement and satisfaction is due to the intuitive and interactive dashboard interface.
‘’Commitment to Excellence and Dedication’’
Vizio AI has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in data integration, real-time dashboard development, and automated reporting has not only met but exceeded our expectations. With their scalable solutions, we are well-prepared for the future, ensuring our ability to adapt and grow as our business evolves.

Vizio AI's commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing real-time insights have been instrumental in our journey towards data-driven success.
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