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Electra Case Study
At Vizio AI, we collaborated with a prominent company in the Furniture and Lighting sector to develop a high-resolution dashboard solution tailored to their specific operational needs. The client required an advanced system to monitor their sales, orders, and calendar events on two 4K screens used as digital signage across their operations. This project demanded innovative approaches to data display and user interaction, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to achieve optimal results.
Furniture and Lighting
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Data Integration and Display: The client needed a comprehensive dashboard to seamlessly integrate and display sales, orders, and calendar events on high-resolution 4K screens. The challenge was to ensure data was presented in a clear, concise manner suitable for large digital displays.
Backend Simplicity with AWS Lambda: While the backend requirements were minimal, the project demanded a reliable and scalable solution for user information and authentication, which led to the implementation of Google Firebase for the first time.
High-Resolution Layout Structuring: Creating a dashboard for large 4K screens required a unique layout structure. This challenge involved designing a visually appealing and functional interface that took full advantage of the screen resolution.
Device Testing Constraints: Without direct access to the 4K display devices for testing, researching and ensuring compatibility and continuous operation of the dashboard on these devices was a significant hurdle.
Comprehensive Data Dashboard
We developed an intuitive dashboard using React to track sales, orders, and calendar events. The dashboard was designed to display information clearly and effectively on 4K screens, ensuring real-time updates and seamless data integration.
Serverless Backend with AWS Lambda
For the backend, we utilized AWS Lambda to handle the minimal processing required. This serverless approach ensured scalability and reduced operational overhead, while Google Firebase was used to manage user information and authentication.
Innovative Layout Design
Our team conducted extensive research and iterative design processes using Figma to create a layout optimized for 4K resolution. The design ensured that all critical data points were easily accessible and readable on large displays.
Device Compatibility Assurance
Through meticulous research and remote testing methods, we ensured that the dashboard would run smoothly and continuously on the client’s 4K screens, despite not having direct access to the devices during development.
Tech Stack
Our technology stack is built on a foundation of industry-leading tools and platforms designed to deliver robust, scalable, and secure solutions. We utilize advanced programming languages, frameworks, and cloud services to ensure high performance and reliability. This comprehensive tech stack enables us to efficiently manage data, automate processes, and provide real-time analytics, ensuring that our clients receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to their specific needs. (Figma, React, AWS Lambda)
Key Outcomes
The implementation of a high-resolution, real-time dashboard significantly enhanced the client's operational efficiency and data visibility. This solution allowed for seamless monitoring of sales and orders and effective scheduling via calendar integration, all displayed on 4K screens. The transition to AWS Lambda and Google Firebase for backend and authentication streamlined their processes, reducing operational complexity and ensuring reliable data management. These advancements provided the client with a robust tool to improve decision-making and operational oversight, contributing to long-term business growth.
Enhanced Data Visibility
improvement in data visibility and accessibility due to the high-resolution dashboard display.
Operational Efficiency
boost in operational efficiency through streamlined data integration and real-time updates.
User Authentication and Management
increase in security and reliability of user information and authentication processes.
‘’Commitment to Excellence and Dedication’’
Vizio AI has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in data integration, real-time dashboard development, and automated reporting has not only met but exceeded our expectations. With their scalable solutions, we are well-prepared for the future, ensuring our ability to adapt and grow as our business evolves.

Vizio AI's commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing real-time insights have been instrumental in our journey towards data-driven success.
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