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Birman Case Study
At Vizio AI, we partnered with a prominent NGO to address significant data management and operational inefficiencies faced by their legal counseling team. This NGO provides essential support to individuals navigating the legal system, and our collaboration focused on automating report generation, standardizing data entry, and integrating various tools into a unified system. These improvements were critical in reducing overhead costs and saving time, enabling the NGO to focus more resources on their mission.
Non-Profit Organization (NGO)
Manual Report Preparation: The client had to prepare a handmade report for every court hearing their associated counselors attended, which significantly increased overhead operating costs and diverted valuable resources away from core activities.
Data Classification and Integrity: The classification and integrity of data were challenging as it was entered by different employees without following a standardized system, leading to inconsistencies and errors.
Repetitive Data Entry: The client faced significant effort and time loss as they needed to enter the same data into different systems due to the use of various tools, creating inefficiencies and duplication of work.
Lack of Centralized Monitoring: The absence of a unified dashboard made monitoring and managing the overall progress and efficiency of the counselors' work difficult, hindering strategic decision-making.
Automated Report Generation
We developed an automated reporting system using Flask and Dash, significantly reducing the time and effort required to prepare reports for court hearings. This system generates comprehensive reports with minimal manual intervention, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
Standardized Data Entry
o tackle data classification and integrity issues, we implemented a standardized data entry system. Utilizing PostgreSQL, we ensured consistent data input across the organization, maintaining data integrity and facilitating easy data retrieval and analysis.
Tool Integration
By deploying Docker and Heroku, we integrated various tools into a unified platform, allowing seamless data transfer and reducing the need for repetitive data entry. This integration streamlined the client's workflow and enhanced operational efficiency.
Unified Dashboard
We designed a user-friendly dashboard using Figma and Dash, providing a centralized interface for monitoring and managing counselors' activities. This dashboard offers real-time insights, improving decision-making and operational oversight. The visually appealing and intuitive interface made it easy for users to navigate and access critical information quickly.
Tech Stack
Our technology stack is built on a foundation of industry-leading tools and platforms designed to deliver robust, scalable, and secure solutions. We utilize advanced programming languages, frameworks, and cloud services to ensure high performance and reliability. This comprehensive tech stack enables us to efficiently manage data, automate processes, and provide real-time analytics, ensuring that our clients receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to their specific needs. (Flask, Dash, Docker, PostgreSQL, Figma, Heroku)
Key Outcomes
Implementing our solutions brought significant improvements to the NGO's operations. The automated reporting system reduced manual report preparation time by 80%, freeing up valuable resources for other critical tasks. The standardized data entry system enhanced data integrity by 70%, ensuring consistent and reliable data across the organization. Tool integration streamlined workflows, boosting operational efficiency by 60%. The unified dashboard provided real-time insights, enabling better management and decision-making. These enhancements allowed the NGO to allocate more resources towards their mission, ultimately increasing their impact.
Enhanced Report Preparation Efficiency
reduction in manual report preparation time through automation, allowing staff to focus on more impactful tasks
Improved Data Integrity
enhancement in data integrity with standardized data entry protocols, ensuring reliable and accurate information.
Boosted Operational Efficiency
increase in operational efficiency due to integrated tools and streamlined workflows, reducing duplication and saving time.
‘’Commitment to Excellence and Dedication’’
Vizio AI has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in data integration, real-time dashboard development, and automated reporting has not only met but exceeded our expectations. With their scalable solutions, we are well-prepared for the future, ensuring our ability to adapt and grow as our business evolves.

Vizio AI's commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing real-time insights have been instrumental in our journey towards data-driven success.
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